Three KEY BENEFITS of Land Trusts


Consumer needs are constantly changing. In today’s information age one of the biggest consumer needs is privacy. Millions of people have access to a substantial amount of private, personal, and financial information via the internet. Homeowners realize that their once private information (ownership structure, purchase price, address and mortgage information) is accessible to everyone online which makes them more vulnerable to theft
and fraud. We can help consumers protect their private information by allowing homebuyers the opportunity to purchase real estate confidentially by using a Chicago Title Land Trust. This affords our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their personal information is safeguarded. The process of closing directly into a land trust is simple.


In addition to keeping the details of your real estate transaction private, land trusts are a commonly used estate planning tool. Land trusts allow the homeowners to name individuals who will inherit the property upon the homeowner’s death. Using a land trust as your estate planning vehicle is not only easy and affordable, it also lets your loved ones avoid the stress, delays, complication and expense of probate court.


Did you know that you can make it more difficult for certain types of liens to be placed on your property? When you own real estate in your own name, a recorded judgment lien (lien resulting from a lawsuit) will automatically attach to your property. When real estate is owned in a land trust, a judgment against a beneficiary does not automatically affect the property, thus providing your real estate an extra measure of protection in this “lawsuit happy” world.

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